About Us

Meet Nate

The FLX420 brand is the brainchild of Nate Kurash, a Finger Lakes transplant with roots in Cleveland, Ohio. A seasoned entrepreneur and business developer, Nate became involved in the cannabis industry when he helped a high-school friend in Missouri become licensed in medical cannabis. Their group was successful in earning the maximum number of state licenses allowed, and today their company provides much-needed cannabis products to the residents of Missouri.

Along the way, Nate gained invaluable insight and practical knowledge, and he’s all about sharing it with the folks in the Finger Lakes. The concept for FLX420 – a quarterly printed magazine – was born, and in 2021 he teamed up with seasoned magazine publisher Fahy-Williams, headquartered in Geneva.

“A printed magazine seemed like the perfect way to connect with the hardworking and passionate people who live here,” explains Nate, who will also utilize other communication vehicles (social media, a monthly enewsletter, periodic in-person meet-and greets, flx420.com) to continually deliver news-you-can-use. “My goal is to provide relevant, useful, insightful, entertaining and timely stories about all things cannabis in and around the FLX region. I want to help promote all of the amazing things this region has to offer and, at the same time, show how cannabis can make them even better.

“It is going to be a very exciting time!” he adds. “We are at the beginning of a very interesting journey that I am confident will elevate and grow our spectacular local area.”