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I’m concerned with health of my outdoor home-grow. Could you offer advice from this image?
Our Expert Says:
So, I may be seeing two different things going on. The spots on the leaves in the lower right is a black and green small bug called a four lined plant bug. They hang out on the underside of the leaves and quickly do damage by spotting then shriveling the leaves.
The big top center leaf may have something else going on too.  Also, lower left leaf the way it’s growing funny may not be pest but possibly something else. I have seen it before but not sure if that’s related to bug issues.
I use a concoction of tobacco tea made by steeping plain unflavored long cut chewing tobacco in water for a couple hours. I strain and add old school Listerine and a few drops of Johnson’s baby shampoo. I apply with pump sprayer and it does a good job during vegative growing. 2 cups tea, 2- tablespoons Listerine and 20 or so drops shampoo to a 2-gallon sprayer. I also hand pick as many bugs as possible.
Dan Diefendorf, Cultivator and Genetics Expert with Glenna for Glenna & Co. (Colorado’s Brand Distributing)

I’m 7 weeks into flowering and just started noticing these spots on the leaves next to the buds. Can you tell me what might be causing this and how to fix it? I’m using a grow tent and my temps get as high as 79 degrees with light at its highest intensity and humidity at 60%. I try to reduce temperature by turning light intensity down from time to time.
Our Expert Says:
I would recommend keeping your humidity below 50% while in the late flowering stage. Having your humidity so high will cause bud rot in addition to your levels of humidity being so high this will cause your plant to stop consuming the proper macronutrients it needs to finish out the flowering process. This is why your plants have depleted all of their stored nitrogen. The heat stress can be a constant threat to your plants metabolic function, we would recommend using a silica product to create a stress buffer. I personally use silica blast; this product is highly effective in helping aid the plants stress levels contingent on the growing environment. Instead of changing light intensity keep it the same all the way through. This way your plants will not stress over the change.
Having a controlled environment is super critical and maintaining your heat and humidity will stabilize the plant’s temperament.
Jayson Tantalo
Flower City Hydroponics, Fairport



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