Bloom ROC Honors Social and Economic Equity Champions in Cannabis

by Bloom ROC

photos by Sebastian Osbourne

Bloom ROC proudly commemorated the outstanding achievements of its esteemed honorees at the Bloom ROC Gala on February 3 at Glendoveers. The event brought together a diverse array of stakeholders, including politicians, business owners, SEE applicants and regional residents in a celebration of progress and collaboration within the cannabis industry.

Bloom ROC is a community-driven initiative dedicated to advancing social and economic equity (SEE) within the cannabis industry. Through strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts, Bloom ROC aims to create a supportive ecosystem for early-stage cannabis businesses, fostering sustainable growth and positive change.

The evening was a resounding success, filled with camaraderie, inspiration and a shared commitment to fostering positive change. The gala recognized influential leaders and acknowledged 25 regional SEE applicants who received invaluable support through Bloom ROC’s technical assistance programming for adult-use applications.

The honorees of the evening included prominent figures such as NYS Assembly Majority Leader Crystal D. Peoples-Stokes, State Senator Jeremy Cooney and Councilmember Michael A. Patterson, among others. They were celebrated for their tireless dedication to advancing SEE in the cannabis sector.

With the event serving as a catalyst for collaboration and innovation, Bloom ROC reaffirmed its mission to “harness the collective power of our community to drive meaningful change within SEE applicants. The resilience and strength of our strategic solutions derive from our commitment to invest and pool our resources, talents, and expertise. Our overarching aim is to create and protect sustainable economic development in marginalized communities by fostering tangible and lasting enhancements in the early stages of cannabis businesses.”

Through strategic partnerships and resource pooling, Bloom ROC continues to create sustainable enhancements for early-stage cannabis businesses, supporting their growth and success.

“We are immensely proud of the collaborative efforts that have led to the success of the Bloom ROC Gala,” stated Precious Brown, co-executive director of industry partnerships at Bloom ROC. “It is a testament to the dedication and passion of our community in advancing SEE within the cannabis industry.”


The gala experience

The Bloom ROC Gala served as a transformative experience, highlighting the pivotal role of community support in advancing SEE entrepreneurs. Following deducting all expenses, the revenue amassed from generous contributions. Sponsorship donations, ticket sales and proceeds from the silent auction totaled $2,781.78. This substantial sum facilitates the establishment of crucial incubators and programs, thereby laying a robust foundation for ongoing innovation and industry expansion.


Bloom ROC’s impact achievements

The organization’s achievements include the following:

  • Supported 120 potential SEE applicants with both small group and one-on-one technical assistance programming.
  • Submitted 25 applications by the deadline representing the Finger Lakes and the Western regions.
  • Dedicated over 515 project hours.
  • Hosted three cannabis networking events.
  • Spent 50 hours directly engaging Rochester’s East/West/North side communities disproportionately impacted, touching more than 20 streets.

The success of the 2023 Initiative Outreach further solidified Bloom ROC’s commitment to driving positive change. With a 12-week hybrid assistance program conducted in collaboration with 10 Rochester businesses, Bloom ROC empowered participants to navigate the complexities of the industry successfully.

Moreover, Bloom ROC’s dedication to community engagement was evident through town halls, providing a platform to inform and update communities on relevant cannabis education.

For more information about Bloom ROC and to stay updated on future initiatives, visit Bloom ROC’s website or contact Precious Brown at 720-998-7157 or email

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