Cannabutter Do’s and Don’ts: A Not-So Serious Guide


by Janet S.

Experimenting with your own cannabutter can be tremendously fun … as long as you take precautions to prevent your face melting off or your buzz falling flat. Here are a few tips to help you find a happy place when venturing out on your own.

First, DON’T mess around with your temps, or the potency of your butter may suffer tragically. When you’re decarbing, it’s usually recommended to keep your oven around 220 to 260 degrees Fahrenheit. During the infusion process, it’s important to keep the temperature of your butter below 180 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re cooking with your heavenly buttery mixture later, avoiding heats over 350 degrees Fahrenheit will help preserve your potency.

Second, DO use a recipe or online calculator to help you obtain your desired potency … if you would like your experience to be somewhat predictable. If you’re more of the “f*** around and find out” type like me, then just shove as much weed as you can fit into your butter and see where it takes you. It took my boyfriend to a night-long, unexpectedly melty-faced drumming practice session that stretched well into the morning. He’s still off in a cave somewhere recovering.

Inversely, without a recipe you run the risk of not adding enough weed and facing utter disappointment when a whole plateful of brownies doesn’t even make your nose tingle.

Finally, DO store your cannabutter in the fridge or freezer in an airtight container for maximum awesomeness retention. You worked hard on your culinary monstrosity – don’t destroy it now with improper storage!

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