Celebrating Dab Day Every Day

Not to be confused with the 2015 popular dance, dabbing has its own special day. July 10 (which, if viewed backwards in its numerical form, spells “OIL”), marked Dab Day. While the exact date of the first Dab Day remains a mystery, the holiday entered the mainstream in 2013 after LA Weekly magazine published an article detailing what the day is about.

Dabbing is the method of consuming cannabis concentrates – resin, shatter and wax. To do so, the cannabis connoisseur places the concentrate in a dab ring or pen, which turns the concentrate into a vapor.

According to a 2020 study by Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 14.5 percent of survey recipients reported they dabbed while only 0.4 percent said they only dabbed. However, dabbing is growing in popularity in recent years.

While Dab Day is just behind us, you can enjoy dabbing anytime, as there are several benefits associated with this consumption method.

Effects of dabbing can be felt rather quickly and can last several hours, similar to smoking weed. Highs from dabbing can kick in instantly, perhaps taking a couple minutes. Effects can last one to three hours.

Concentrates have a higher potency of cannabinoids than flower, making it ideal for those looking for strong, immediate and long-lasting relief. Concentrates can boast between 50 and 90 percent THC while flower generally ranges between 15 and 30 percent, according to Yo Dabba Dabba.

Dabbing is a cleaner alternative to smoking. Ninety-five percent of the vapor from dabs contain cannabinoids. In contrast, a person who engages in traditional smoking will only inhale 12 percent, according to NugSmasher.com.

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