Dehumidifier Filters

Getting Down to the Nitty-Gritty of Your Grow

Maintenance is crucial to protecting the longevity and performance of any piece of equipment. When it comes to your dehumidifier, regular filter changes play a valuable role in the health of your grow. That’s probably why the team at Anden fields a lot of questions about filters, from how often they should be changed to what a MERV rating means. Here, they answer their top five.

Let’s start with a basic question: how important is filtration in dehumidifiers?

Very important. Not only does the filter prevents dust particles from reducing the effectiveness of your dehumidifier, it also keeps contaminants like mold spores from getting onto your plants. But over time, as the filter captures more and more particulates, more energy is needed to move air through the filter. Changing it regularly will maintain efficiency and optimize your dehumidifier performance, resulting in healthier yields.

I see that different filters have different MERV ratings. What exactly is MERV and why does it matter?

MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. It rates the efficiency of an air filter based on how effective it is at catching particles of varying sizes. Essentially, it determines how your filter will perform. The higher the MERV rating, the better the filter is at trapping smaller particles and contaminants.

All Anden dehumidifiers use a MERV 11 filter, which can trap 95 percent of pollutants found in the air. They’re built specifically for Anden units and are easy to install, with no assembly or reinforcements needed.

In addition, Anden 210- to 710-pint dehumidifiers feature a powerful ECM blower, which increases performance and efficiency throughout the life of a filter before changeout. As the filter captures dust and particles, static pressure starts to build and air doesn’t flow as easily through the dehumidifier coils. The Anden ECM blower will automatically adjust and ramp up power to overcome the additional static pressure resulting from a dirty filter.

We recommend that growers perform regular filter changes. Routine preventative maintenance helps to ensure healthy plants and extends the longevity of your dehumidifier.

Can I use just any filter with my Anden dehumidifier?

While all Anden dehumidifiers use MERV 11 filters, there are varying Anden filter models specifically designed to fit each dehumidifier in the Anden lineup. Check the helpful infographic to see which filter is made for the Anden dehumidifiers you’re using in your grow room and, as always, be sure to use genuine Anden filters to ensure the performance and longevity of your unit so you can maximize your yield.

How often do I need to replace a filter?

As a general rule, we recommend changing out the filter after each grow cycle. It’s much easier to replace the filter when you turn the room over. This also helps avoid the risk of cross-contamination from one cycle to the next.

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