FLX420 in the News

If the press coverage of FLX420 Magazine and its impending launch is any indication, folks in the Finger Lakes are excited to learn more about the benefits of cannabis. In early February, interviews with founder Nate Kurash appeared in the Canandaigua-based Daily Messenger, Hornell’s Evening Tribune, and the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. A live 20-minute interview with DiTullio & Moran on Rochester’s Radio 95.1 took place on February 4. You can listen to it here.

Here’s what reporter Steve Buchiere wrote recently in the Finger Lakes Times.

Cannabis is no longer just the domain of the party generation.

Sure, lots of folks are still using it for the reasons generations have: the high. However, people of varied ages are turning to cannabis products for more than just a buzz. For some, it’s to relieve pain, while many chemo patients use it to relieve nausea. Still others say it helps them cope with anxiety. It’s even being used to reduce seizures for people with uncontrolled epilepsy.

Changing attitudes towards marijuana no doubt played a role in the state Legislature’s decision in 2021 to give the green light to recreational cannabis use, sales and production.

“The industry is not underground anymore. It’s mainstream,” says Nate Kurash of Rushville.

It’s one of the reasons Kurash started FLX420, a quarterly magazine dedicated to cannabis — from a user, home grower and industry perspective.

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