Kratom and Cannabis

In addition to offering CBD and Delta-8 THC products, Ketum Superior Kratom specializes in another substance that shares several similarities with cannabis: kratom.

What is kratom, you might ask? It is an herbal substance derived from the leaves of a tropical tree in Southeast Asia of the same name, a cousin of the coffee plant. It takes about three years for a kratom tree to grow before its leaves are harvested. Once picked, the leaves are ground into a powder, tested and distributed.

There are different types of kratom, organized by color. While all kinds of kratom have the same stimulating effect, each individual variety has its own uses. Red kratom is best for relaxation and pain relief. Yellow kratom is similar to red kratom, with added energetic properties. Green kratom can be stimulating and provides euphoric effects. White tends to make users more energetic.

“All kratom gives you a similar feel, though one kind may be more relaxing than the other,” said a representative from Ketum Superior Kratom.

Kratom, like cannabis, is orally ingested in the form of tablets, tinctures or extracts. The leaves can be steeped like tea. One representative from Ketum Superior Kratom recommends mixing kratom powder with cold coffee which compliments the substance’s earthy flavor. Typically, kratom takes about 30 to 45 minutes to kick in, with effects that can last four to five hours.

“It doesn’t get you high like cannabis. It has more of a stimulating effect,” he stated. “It gives you a mood-enhancement, euphoric feeling.”

Kratom can even be taken in conjunction with cannabis.

For first-time kratom users, a Ketum Superior Kratom spokesperson recommended starting low and building up their tolerance; a good starting point is 3 to 5 grams of the powder.

Ketum Superior Kratom has been in business since 2014. Located in Los Angeles, CA, the company offers special blend strains that mixes blueberry extract, tongkat ali and willow bark extract to support health vitality. Ketum Superior Kratom further sets itself apart by providing kratom in multiple forms including tinctures, gummies, extracts, capsules and tablets. The company has a retail location in Los Angeles, but most of its business is conducted online.

“A lot of the cannabis marketing companies are opening up to kratom because it’s another herbal supplement that people can take to help with things,” said a Ketum Superior Kratom representative. “Kratom doesn’t get you high; it’s more like a mild stimulant.”

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