NECANN Cannabis & Hemp Convention Returns to NY

After a successful first year, NECANN’s New York Cannabis & Hemp Convention will return to Albany September 29 to 30.

The two-day event is full of programing and exhibits focusing on the state’s cannabis industry. Programs include sessions on accounting, customer insights, manufacturing, social and economic equity, legalization and more.

“The second year is usually the best,” said NECANN Founder Marc Shepard. “The first year is when we ask people to trust us that we’ll put on a well-run show. When you come back and see the exhibitors are back and speakers, it’s gratifying. It’s almost like a triumphant return.”

The exhibitor count is 110, with 3,000 people expected to attend, according to Shepard. Exhibitors from across New York “will cover the full width and breadth of the industry,” Shepard said. Organizations will represent various sectors including facility construction, lighting, soil, nutrients, genetics, software, processing equipment, labs, payroll, insurance, accounting, security, marketing/PR and more.

“My hope is to give the local people and businesses access to the information and relationships they need to help keep as much of the positive economic impact of the cannabis industry in their local communities,” he said. “That’s the main reason we decided to hold our convention in-state, rather than in the city. Nothing against NYC, but we want to make the event accessible – and affordable – for the whole state.”

NECANN has hosted more than 30 conventions since its first in Boston in 2015. Conventions – all of which are focused on the local markets – start as recreational cannabis is legalized in a particular state. “We’ve spent 24 to 36 months building our brand in New York and making it as easy as possible for people to get in the convention,” Shepard stated. “You’re going to meet hundreds of people who have experience in the industry and who can connect you.”

Next year, the New York Cannabis & Hemp Convention will be shifting from Albany to Syracuse to better accommodate the large number of exhibitors.

For more information about the convention – including a detailed list of programming and list of exhibitors – and to register, visit

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